And John, calling two of his disciples to him, sent them to Jesus saying, Are you the Coming One, or do we look for another?”  Luke 7:19

“Go and tell John what you have seen and heard……”  Luke 7:22

John, he who we call the Baptist, is on a mission.  He believes in God and is working to carry out that mission.  His mission:  to prepare the way for the Lord, the coming Messiah.  John preached on the coming Messiah.  John had actually seen the Messiah.  John was so awestruck by Jesus, that he couldn’t bring himself to baptize Jesus until Jesus reassured him it was all part of the plan.

Yet Jesus ministry had not yet begun.  He didn’t have a following and He had yet to perform any miracles, at least that are recorded.  In the several passages that are recorded in the Gospels, we hear John proclaim that Jesus is the Lamb of God, but we never hear John refer to Jesus by name.  Whether he knew Jesus’ name or not, John loses touch with Jesus.  John is still carrying out the mission of preparing the way, which means teaching about truth and repentance.  When he saw the truth, he spoke plainly about it.  And when he spoke the truth to Herod about the sin of marrying his brother’s wife, Herod threw him in jail.  Yet still that doesn’t stop John from thinking about his mission.  So he hears about this Jesus, but he can’t go see him.  John can’t personally go and confirm that the man he is hearing so much about is the same Son of God, he baptized so many months ago.  Thus, John sends two of his disciples to go for him.

Whether Jesus knew that these two disciples had come into his presence the bible does not tell us, although by His answer it would seem that He did.  For Jesus did not just stop what He was doing to address their question and send them on their way.  No, He first let them see the miracle healings that He was carrying out.  They could hear the words that He pronounced as He ministered to the people.  Now they would have proof to back up the answer that Jesus was going to give them.  It is interesting that John sent two disciples.  Because even back in Mosaic Law, the testimony of one might be suspect, but the matching testimony of two was considered proof of truth.

Think about the power of their report when they get back to John.  Think about not only John’s reaction but the reaction of the other disciples when they hear about the amazing miracles; blind suddenly see, lame amazingly walk.  And not only that, but this Man is no charlatan or money seeker.  He does not preach of His own glory but of the good news of the Kingdom of His Father, God Almighty.  We can just visualize John’s reaction at that report:  “Yes, yes indeed, He is the Messiah.  Yes, He must increase as I decrease.  Yes, I have been preparing His way.”

Jesus Christ gave to His followers; a mission, a great commission:  “Go and preach the good news to all nations………..”  The world is asking, is this He who I should be following or should I look for another.  In the world, we (or at least I know I am) asked specifically about why I believe in Jesus Christ or sometimes it is more subtle, “Why do you seem so laid back?  or Why don’t things seem to bother you or scare you like they do me?”  In a way, they are not asking just about me, they are asking about and for themselves.  The want to know if there is something I can tell them, that will help themselves, help their life.  Should I follow who you follow or should I look to another (money, things, power, fame, sex)?  Sadly, even among believers, the question sometimes come:  “Is Jesus Christ really enough, or should we follow or add another thing to Him for my salvation?”

Both the world and our fellow believers are asking for a report.  What have I seen, experienced and heard?  Jesus Christ has given me (and I believe all believers) virtually countless and amazing blessings (wife cured of cancer, two awesome children, miraculous saving in a car accident, awesome people brought into my life at just the right time, and, and, and…..).  Jesus Christ has given us His word through the Gospels.  Jesus Christ asks us to go and tell what we have seen and what we have heard.  It is that report, our experience, that can bring comfort to so many as the report of his disciples would have done for John so long ago.  The report is, Yes, Jesus Christ is the One who you are looking for, and no, nothing or no one else is needed.

Our Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, so many are searching.  We confess Dear Father that much of the world, even we, ourselves, have strayed from seeing you as the goal of our search.  The world needs a report, Dear Father.  Give us Merciful Father, the strength to be the ones who go forth and give a report.  Thank You, Blessed Father, for the miraculous blessings and gifts which you have given us that we may use in our report.  Thank You for giving us the teachings of Your Son Jesus Christ that we may report to the world as well.  We humbly pray that You would use our report to open the eyes, ears and, most importantly, the hearts of those who would hear it, to come to You and confess Jesus Christ as Your Son their, and our Savior.  We pray our reports, like our lives will be things that will bring praise to Your Most Holy Name, Dear Father.  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen