“With the other half tribe the Ruebenites and the Gadites received their inheritance…..as Moses the servant of the Lord had given them.”  Joshua 13:8

“This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which is shed for you.”  Luke 22:20

I know, I know the initial response to this article’s title might be…..well duh!, of course He does.  And okay I get that it may be obvious, but  before we take it for granted, what does that really mean.  First I used the word in agreement because when you look up the word covenant in the dictionary (or this case an online dictionary)  it uses agreement, solemn agreement, agreement between God and….., in the definition.  So just how does God show that He keeps his agreements?  Is their any proof?

I must admit, there are books and parts of books in the bible that I used to just skip right over.  The dividing of the promised land between the tribes of Israel………..moving on, next!  Even when I stop to attempt to soldier on through those books, the ancient names of the defeated kings and their peoples really make it difficult to me.  What is the purpose of including that? AND……..even if it meant something significant to the Israelites of the past or perhaps even Jews of today, it doesn’t really have any impact on me, right?

Well for one thing, in a bigger context, the fact the dividing was going to take place in the first place was not a foregone conclusion.  Moses and the original Israelites that left Egypt were given the agreement that they would inherit the promised land, but they didn’t.  Why? because God changed his mind?  Pulled a fast one?  Not at all; the Israelite people turned away.  They were on the cusp, after a long journey across the wilderness, of taking possession of the promised land.  But they believed the report of a handful of men instead of the command and agreement of God.  Some of the men (not all because Joshua was one) who had been sent to spy on the promised land came back and reported the people inhabiting the land were too strong for the Israelites to defeat and that they should turn away.  Joshua tried to convince them, Moses tried to convince them, that no people were so mighty that they could stand against or thwart the will of God.  They wouldn’t listen.  They died never fulfilling the agreement.  However, that did not make the agreement null and void for all.  Joshua led their direct descendants, who believed on and had faith in God, into the promised land.  So, as arduous as it can be to read the last half of the book of Joshua, where the land is divided amongst the tribes, what it gives is a testament to the faithfulness of God to His agreement.

Jesus is having His last supper with His disciples.  At one point, He, Jesus enacts a new covenant, a new agreement with, not only His disciples, but for all who will come after.  This is the blood of the new covenant; shed for you!   And what is that covenant, what is this agreement?  If we will take part in the sacrifice of Jesus by the spiritual eating of His Body, the bread of Life, and His Blood, that we will abide in Jesus and He will abide in us.  We will have eternal life.  There are also of course the other promises that come along with that, the promise of His Peace, His Rest, His Joy.  Jesus Christ was from the Father and speaking for the Father.  AND THE FATHER KEEPS HIS AGREEMENTS.  He always has, as we see in the old testament, and He always will.  May it be that we will not turn away, but take part in the agreement, believing in Jesus Christ as the only Son of the Father, partaking of His Body and His Blood and reaping the benefits and blessings which come from that covenant.

Our Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we most humbly thank You that You have showed us through Your actions and not just Your Words, how faithful You are to keep Your agreements with and promises to us.  Thank You, Dear Father that You are merciful enough to enter into agreements with Your creation in the first place.  That You would see fit in Your Wisdom to grant to us blessings upon blessings for faithfully carrying out Your plan.  Thank You, Most Merciful Father, that You do not cancel the agreements when we fall short, but forgive us when we truly repent and keep Your covenant with us.  Fill us with the spirit that longs to keep Your agreements and continually Praise Your Holy Name.  In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen