Grace is defined as a manifestation of favor, mercy, especially by a superior.  However, it is sometimes amazing what our answer is when Grace is provided by God.  In the bible we hear people respond:  “But my wife and I are too old to have a baby”, ” I can’t speak clearly enough to lead my people” “Lord the waves are too rough for me to walk; I’m sinking” and these are only a few.  So often we read about a real skepticism that God will or even can do what it is that He has promised. 

Now before we chuckle at or shake our head at the people in these stories, we have to ask ourselves:  “How have we responded to God’s promise of Grace in our lives”.  When we feel we are called to move to somewhere new or attempt a new vocation do we find ourselves coming up with excuses why we can’t do it?  Do you have a talent or a feel God’s urging to do something only to find yourself searching for reasons that it will not work?  Do you find yourself turning to peers to try to confirm what the Creator of the Universe is leading you to do?

Truly the enemy will stop at nothing to give you reasons to turn away from God’s gift of Grace.  Indeed we are not strong or wise enough to rest on our own counsel or the opinion of others (well meaning though they may be) when it comes to responding to our Father’s Grace.  It takes the power of prayer and the Holy Spirit coming through the gift of Jesus Christ to give us the strength to follow where this world calls folly.

Finally, search the scriptures.  There is not one example of a person who faithfully followed and relied on God’s Grace who was abandoned by God or came to ruin.  In fact the opposite is true.  Although many of them stumbled along the way; the examples starting this note and countless others in the bible, defied all odds and conventional wisdom to become heroes of faith. 

It is not different for us today.  God not only has a plan for you but has the abundant Grace to lead you its implementation.  And know that throughout the journey, blessings are surely to be yours.  I pray that your answer to His Grace will always be yes, even if it is a hesitant one.  Amen