There is so much out there.  Civilians being killed by their own government, innocent people being tortured, natural disasters decimating so much, people losing jobs, houses…on and on.  It is understandable that there would be discouragement.  And if you’re like me you find that when you are coming up against challenges and obstacles in your life, you rally your strength, your wisdom, your guts to stand strong against the raging tempest around you.  It is so often when we’re blown down that we crawl on our knees and pray with all our might “Help Me Lord!!!”  Sometimes we ask “Don’t you care” or I’m sad to say I change those words around to “You don’t care.”

But take heart, if you find yourself thinking that way, you are in good company.  For there was a band of men, experts in their trade who set off on a journey.  The journey started off easy enough but then the storm arose, tremendous waves, gale force winds and lashing rains fell upon them.  They tried with all their might, using their years of expertise on the water but to no avail.  All knew they were going to perish.  All that is except He who was asleep in the back of the boat.  So they struggled back to Him and screamed:  “Teacher, do you not care we are perishing?”  They had tried their best but to no avail and in desperation they called upon Jesus.

Have you ever wondered what they expected of him?  That he would have some wise command on how to steer the boat or what to do with the sail.  That he would make a suggestion about rowing or the direction to turn the boat.  Based on their panicked response non expected what Jesus did.  Three words is all it took “Peace, Be Still”  The raging tempest didn’t slowly wind down or slowly diminish.  It simply immediately stopped…by the time he was saying the word “Still”.  He then asked “Why were you afraid?”

Why?  WHY?  Because we’ve done all that we can.  We’ve racked our brains to come up with a solution.  We have worked our fingers to the bone.  Not only is there nothing more we can do there is nothing more to be done!  “Peace, Be Still”  we hear.  Jesus tells us:  “What you can not begin to comprehend is everyday for me.”  In all cases and in all ways Jesus is in charge and will bring you through every storm.  You may be wet.  The wetness may come from the elements but it may come from your fearful tears and sweat.

The storms may, alas probably will come.  Jesus asks first that we don’t wait until we’ve done all we can to call upon him and second to know that when we call, He will answer.  In ways that we can’t comprehend and with a power that is unstoppable.  Then look upon Him with awe.