Proverbs:  3:1  …Forget not my law, but let thine heart keep my commandments. 

“I want to pick up the soccer ball and run with it!”  I think you should have to throw the ball at the goal from midfield”  “I think we should only kick with our left foot”…..  If we all had different ideas and rules about how to play soccer, how could we ever have a game?  Rules help keep us all understand what the outcome is and how to get there.

But aren’t rules meant to be broken?  God’s rules are always about what I can’t do.  God Sighs.  You see God’s rules are not about taking things away.  God knows all and loves us.  God knows what will hurt us, what will keep us from being the best we can be and from love He tells us not to do those things.  So following God’s rules actually allows us more freedom.  When we are following His rules, we know that we don’t have to fear things.  We know following His rules, we will always be a winner on the winning team.  God’s rules are not about You Can’t DO!!!!!  God’s rules are about:  I WANT YOU TO WIN!!!…..and here’s how to do it. 

Prayer:  Our Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, help us Oh Lord to see Your rules as the best way to live and not things holding us back.  Help us to look to You and Your guidance each day. That in all things and all situations Your Most Holy Name will be praised.  In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen 

Have a blessed day.