Read Mark 10:46 – 52.  It is the story where Jesus heals a blind beggar who was calling for Jesus when those around him were rebuking him to keep quiet.

What is phenomenal about this story (as is always the case in the bible) is Jesus’s response.  It is also extremely important to point out the sequence of events with the man and the crowd.

The man was hurting and had been for a long time.  Bartimaeus, blind and because of that, a beggar.  How often had he sat there asking for the cast offs of those who passed by.  Asking but not wanting to be too obnoxious or he would be chased away.

Obviously Bartimaeus had heard of Jesus and what Jesus had done for others or there would have been no reason for his reaction.  For when he heard it was Jesus of Nazareth he began to cry out and say “Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me” (vs47).

Note the crowd’s response: “Then many warned him to be quiet…” (vs 48).  In essence to shut up.  You are worthless and your making me uncomfortable, let Jesus pass in peace.  But Bartimaeus’s pain and hope would not let him stop.  He cried out all the louder.

Jesus heard and stopped.  He commanded Bartimaeus to be called.  This I love, note the crowd’s response.  Those same folks who were so negative towards him, telling him to shut up; now are positive and supportive.  Be of good cheer they tell Bartimaues, He is calling you.  How the world flocks to success!  When you strive and have not attained, how often the world will try to hold you down; you can’t they will say, don’t try, you fool.  Ah but once success is obtained, then it’s a different story.  Now the world says, great for you, we knew you could do it, way to go.

Jesus is God Incarnate, in the flesh.  He is (and was at that point) all knowing.  He could have just healed Bartimaeus with a word and sent him on his way.  But no, He who is from the beginning, creator with the Father, the Living Word, asks of His creation “What do you want Me to do for you?” (vs51) Take a moment to let that sink in and then read it again.  Jesus is saying “You, Bartimaues, matter”.  What you think, who you are, what your desires are, matter.  You have called to me and I not only granted that you should come to me, but I am first ready to listen to you. 

Is that not the most astounding interaction?  Is that not a tremendous example of patient love?

Bartimaeus answers:  Rabboni, that I may receive my sight (vs51).  That answer transcends worldly belief.  He might have thought Jesus rich and a rich man can give money, or a nice house.  He might have thought Jesus powerful and demanded that he make people be nice to him.  But no worldly person can restore sight to a person blind.  Bartimaeus asked for it all.

Jesus, being able to tell the truth of Bartimaeus’s belief and faith, grants his request:  Go your way, your faith has made you well (vs 52)

Jesus is near to you today.  He is listening for your call, your cry.  The world is saying shut up, do it yourself, you are weak to ask, your constant praying is obnoxious, life is hard deal with it, no one can help you but yourself.

Jesus will silence them.  The world can not drown out His command.  Be ready, for He will ask:  What do you want Me to do for you? 

Be specific with your answer.  Tell Him specifically what your desires are (remember the Father through the Holy Spirit is where those desires came from in the first place).  For in the specificity of the request is the sure belief that the answer will be fulfilled.

And listen as you hear: Your Faith has made you well.

May you know the Love and Grace of Jesus Christ as you go through this day.