We tackled the concept of asking Our Heavenly Father why?  Now its time to tackle asking ourselves and each other two why questions.  For this blog the why question is:  Why do I do the bad things I do?  Now there are many ways of looking at this question.  A purely secular view would say that the answer lies anywhere in characteristics of our; upbringing, current environment, genetics, socioeconomic status, education, mental or physical injury, phase of the moon………  To complete this list would be a daunting task, and don’t get me wrong, these would play a factor in our behavior and actions.  However, to believe that the answer totally lies within ourselves and surroundings leads to an interesting conclusion. (I apologize to all Star Trek fans of which I am one) That if we were to be able to fix all those factors then we could end up with a universe and a human race like that of the Star Trek series.  For you see, in that universe, humans have no need for money. No human Star Trek character ever defrauded another, coveted another’s mate, aggression was only carried out for the noblest of reasons and always as a last resort.  Sure there were plenty of despicable characters.  They just weren’t human.  If that is to be believed something miraculous (not a secular term I know) must occur in the next few centuries that has not happened, with all our current progress, in all recorded time up to now.  Impossible I would say.

So being a Christian, and having such incredible resources; Our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, the bible, how is it that I still sin?  I believe we have to go back to the beginning.  One of the quintessential arguments that has divided the genders for so long is, who is to blame for the “original sin”.  What is too often left out of the argument and reality is, who was the catalyst for the sin in the first place?  It is arguable without the temptation of Satan, the original sin would not have happened.  And there in lies the basis of the answer for evil and our inability to keep from sinning.  Please don’t misunderstand me, it is not that we are blameless.  God has given us a will that can be free of sin and indeed one person, Jesus Christ, fully human did just that.  So we are truly the one’s who sin when we fall to Satan’s temptation.  Yet we discount the very power which too easily trips us up as well as can save us.  We are spiritual beings.  What and how we do things is much more dependent on the spirit inside us then it is our outside environment, no matter how wonderful or horrible that environment is.  And truly spirit is more powerful than flesh.  Satan delights when we try to resist by ourselves; buying books, going to classes, taking medicine’s without acknowledging the core spiritual being wherein we derive our life and our actions.  Because in the reality of this existence, Satan is very much more powerful than we are on our own.  We will never win.  Thank God through the Grace and Love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that He can’t lose.  For it is only through calling nay crying out for help, that forces of incomparable strength will be brought to bear for our defense.  A defense with the cross as its symbol, Jesus Christ as the standard bearer and God Almighty Himself our ultimate Loving defender.  Satan is defeated and our sins are washed away.

There is one more why that is probably the most important of them all as it applies to health of our soul.