Of all the questions of the universe whether literally complex or a single word, why, can be the most humbling, troubling, soul searching and even saving question there is.

Humbling?  Who hasn’t asked our Heavenly Father that question.  Why?  Some may not want to admit that they question their creator.  Yet to truly believe that God is all powerful, knowledgeable, and omnipresent and still allows the tragedies and travesties of this world to those who seem so innocent and not ask why, is to stretch credibility beyond the breaking point.  So whether whispered in the mind or shouted at the top of our lungs the question is asked.  Why is that humbling?  Because why is never a rhetorical question; by its very nature it wants; demands an answer.  Some believe God does not want to answer because He delights in secrets and keeping us in the dark. That is how He maintains divine power.   I believe nothing could be further than the truth.  He longs and would love to have His creation so in tune with Him as to fully understand His ways.  To even ask the question why, is to assume a level of equality with the person being asked, that the one asking could understand the answer.  Therein lies the problem.  Here is a very feeble example.  I grew up in an age with very few computers and I did not work with a computer until I was in college.  There was only one for the entire student population.  The programing was done with punch cards.  (The infamous chads that were the byproduct of that programming were great practical joke material.  If you poured them into the air conditioning outlets of a car.  The next day when the person turns the air conditioning on, thousands of those chads will fill the car.  Which will be the reason for a future blog on forgiveness).  It took several hundred cards just to add two four digit numbers.  Today, computers make animals actually look like they are talking, they allow our cars to travel 100,000 miles without a tune up and at 70 mpg.  A computer expert could try and explain to me how the current programming makes all these wonderful things happen but I would be completely lost.  Again a poor illustration, but the truth is plain that we have no mental capability, no mutual frame of reference that would allow Our Heavenly Father to impart the answer even on some very basic level.  How can the infinite explain infinity to the finite?  He does not resent the question.  Even our posing it, confirms our knowledge of His existence, even if it inaccurately raises our status to expect an answer.

Tomorrow:  Part 1, Why do we do what we do?