Blessed are those that mourn, For they shall be comforted Matthew 5:4

I know at that outset that to call this verse difficult could seem confusing.  Is it not a statement of promise of support in time of loss?  Absolutely.  Yet it is in times like these, when the simmering levels of evil erupt into our world and our consciousness like some demonic volcano, that we realize, before the comfort comes the loss happens and how horrific that loss can be.

And again as so often happens; we are faced with the uniquely human process of asking questions, reaching for understanding and, in the end, realizing we’re going to come up short with our answers.  How, can these tragic types of events happen to those so young and seemingly innocent of trespass against their perpetrator?  With such deep, agonizing and long term sorrow; how can those who are in such throes of mourning be in any way shape or form comforted; let alone use the word blessed?

For those who might think that in the words of this simple diatribe there might be some human answers exposed; I will admit and apologize that I will fail you miserably.  For I know for certain I do not have the insight, foresight or wisdom to scratch the service of these questions in my own thought.

But in those few moments when I will turn off the media and stop the espousing of and listening to the platitudes of my fellow travelers in this journey.  From the depth of my soul I hear a voice stating with all clarity and certainty;  “with God all things are possible.”

And it occurs to me the point of view of which Jesus was preaching.  It was not a human or worldly blessing for that would by wholly inadequate.  The blessing and the comfort comes from none other than God Himself.  He alone can do what is impossible for us.  We are correct when we use phrases like:  “I have no idea what to say”  or “I am lost with what to do”.  Or more accurately the phrase sometimes starts off with “God only knows………..”  He does know.

God knows about the loss of a Son……….in an unspeakably horrible way.  And please have no doubt; God truly Loved (and Loves) Jesus.  And in a very human way on that day of Jesus death, the world turned dark.  In a sense I wonder if evil thought it had triumphed?  But evil never completely triumphs.  The darkness that was His death was superseded by the brilliance of Christ’s resurrection.

Jesus did weep.  He knows what human sorrow feels like.  And as Christ at the right hand of the Father Almighty through the Holy Spirit, they know how to comfort and yes even bless all those who are in such devastating mourning today.

Love, Strength and Peace to all from Him who Was and Is and Is to Come, Jesus Christ .  Amen