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What does it take to be noticed? Does anyone know I’m here? Being an influencer, going viral, how many likes did I get, how many followers do I have, what are they saying about me, are they even talking about me at all; these are the questions, the fears that plague so many in our world today. What does it take to be noticed? Maybe it takes doing something amazing or exciting, maybe terribly risky. Maybe it takes doing something catastrophic or horribly destructive, but hey, at least I’m noticed. Today YOU ARE NOTICED!!! You are noticed by none other than the Most High God who is above all things. But I’m no one and have done nothing of note, you retort. Let’s see some examples of who He notices. Shepherds, who hardly anyone else bothered to notice, God specifically sent His heavenly host first to, to proclaim the great news of salvation. A lowly poor woman whose tiny contribution would not have been missed had it spilled out of the treasury collection, Jesus noticed and elevated above all others. Lepers, completely shunned were noticed and healed. A mentally anguished man abandoned to live among some tombs was sought out and made whole. Please understand that you are individually created and your Creator notices you individually and loves you individually. You, yes you, are died for by God Himself, in the person of Jesus Christ for your salvation. So go live a God noticed life, not caring or fearing the world’s notice and/or lack thereof. Finally, do not fail to notice the hurting and unnoticed by the world showing them that they are noticed and loved by God, just as they are.

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