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If we understand nothing else we must understand that not all “wills” are created equal. You must see that there is our will. And our will can lead us to sabotaging a coworker to get a raise or promotion. It can lead to cheating to get a better grade. It can lead to lying to a friend or loved one just so we can feel better about ourselves. Following our own wills can lead to disastrous skill development and outcomes. Fortunately, we are not left to our own wills. There is a Higher Will. There is a Perfect Will. There is God’s Will. And the grace filled, most merciful part of it is that God’s Blessed Will is not meant for God alone but equally is for us as well. That’s where the blessings come from, where the peace comes from, where the love comes from. Our goal, through the help of the Holy Spirit is to align our will, connect our will and yes subordinate our will to His Will. Thus we pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. Don’t find yourself chasing or implementing the wrong, suboptimal will. Instead, let us live into the Perfect Will, His Will and the blessings which come with it.

So when dealing with skill and will, it would be good to understand that the “skill” is the how and the “will” is the why. This is especially important when we consider the concept of motivation, whether it be self or others. For if we concentrate singularly or primarily on the “skill” we can find ourselves fomenting frustration, dissatisfaction and even descent within ourselves and others especially over time. You see the “will”, the why, is the lasting foundation, the driver to sustaining the application of the skill. Don’t assume the will is there, that the why is known. The time that is focused on the will, the why, will be time well spent building the necessary foundation on which the skills, the how, can be developed and executed.

Something to consider from both and earthly and eternal perspective; without the will, the level of skill matters little. Plus the amount of effort exerted increasing skill(s) is largely wasted. Conversely, with a determined will, the amount of skill is a significant determinant in the amount of success. Additionally, the effort to improve skill(s) can reap tremendous rewards. May you be having a willfully blessed day.

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