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“When the Queen of Sheba heard of Solomon’s fame she came to Jerusalem to test him…”  2 Chronicles 9:1

“She said to the king….Praise be to the Lord your God who has delighted in you and placed you on his throne as king to rule for the Lord….”  2 Chronicles 9:5, 8

Solomon was the son of King David, who became king of the Israelite people after King David died.  When God asked Solomon what he wanted most of all, Solomon responded that he desired wisdom to lead his people.  God responded that because Solomon had not asked for himself, riches or honor or revenge against enemies; God would grant his wish for wisdom as well as riches, honor and peace.  So it is that Solomon’s fame spread far and wide concerning his wisdom.

Far enough to the land of Ethiopia.  There resided a great queen, who had riches and was also known for her wisdom.  This was the Queen of Sheba.  In what I’ve been able to find, initially the queen was not a follower of Our Lord God.  She was a sun worshiper.  Yet she had heard of this king who had such wisdom, goodness and strength that she could scarcely believe it.  So he came to test Solomon, to see if what she had heard could possibly be true.  Upon visiting Solomon, testing him, experiencing his wisdom and seeing how he had been blessed, the queen was overwhelmed and gave glory to God because what she had seen of Solomon in Jerusalem.  The bible says that she was so impressed she gave Solomon riches of every kind in tribute.  Although, the bible does not expressly say this; there is a tradition that she converted to worshiping the Lord.

So today Dear Sisters and Brothers we have a message.  A message that, to the world, may seem impossible to believe.  We have a message of unconditional love and merciful forgiveness.  The people who don’t live by that same belief system are looking at us.  The people who don’t have our faith are often tossed about by the fortunes of this world, finding themselves feeling cast adrift in a world of callous hearts, mean spirits and selfish intents.  So it may very well be that they will come to us; they will try and test us.  They will be seeking to see if there is anything to the proclamations that they have heard.

Yet if this troubles you, take heart.  For Jesus Christ, Himself told us not to fear when we are called upon to testify to what it is we believe in.  For remember it was not Solomon’s wisdom on his own, but the wisdom granted to him by God the Father Almighty which the Queen of Sheba experienced.  In the same way, it is not solely nor souly our testimony that we will proclaim to the world; but it is the testimony of the Holy Spirit which is the gift from Our Heavenly Father with which we will answer the world.  Some will hear that testimony and scoff.  Some will turn away and not even give themselves a chance to hear that testimony.  Yet some will hear, will really listen to that testimony.  May it be that some will see our lives of faith and undeniable joy, even in times of stress and feel themselves compelled to speak wonder and praise to Almighty God by what they witness in us.  Though again, understand that we are not to be prideful in hearing them praise the Father.  And if instead they want to praise you and I instead of our Heavenly Father, we must be diligent in correcting that.  Showing to them, that except for the blessed Love of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ we would be as lost as anyone else.  That Our Lord and Savior longs to share that love with all, no matter what their circumstances or past.

So let us strive to live lives that will cause others to notice.  Let us live lives that will cause others to question, to be curious, to desire to have what it seems that we have.  And let us strive to look at what we have as not some exclusive, hard to earn, only for us type of triumph, but something we desire to have shared by all to the Glory of our Savior Jesus Christ and Our Heavenly Father.  That in living those lives, we might be vessels of light, His Light shining out for all to see.

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father, all praise be to You on earth as it is in heaven.  Grant us the gift of faith and wisdom as You did to Solomon, that we may be seen by the world and the world would desire to ask us and yes to even test us about You.  When we are tested, give us Your Strength to withstand the test.  Give us Your Wisdom, Your Spirit to answer the questions in a way that will bring Praise to Your Holy Name and cause others to want to be in relationship with You.  This we pray in the Name of Jesus Christ.  Amen

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