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So this is a “season” when we celebrate the announcement of the “Good News”. As I have more time on my hands, I was watching the many different outlets that distribute news today. What I found across the board, regardless of which point of view the news outlet comes from, the message of the news was the same; the message of disaster: disaster of war, economic disaster, ecological disaster, political disaster, health disaster, weather disaster and on and on. Contrast that news with the Good News we celebrate during this season: that the Creator so loves us that He sent His Son to leave perfection and dwell completely with us, providing for our salvation through His death and resurrection. Now let’s be clear, Jesus Christ never promised us that His coming would change or cause the ceasing of the worldly news; in fact He warned us of just the opposite. He told us that there would be wars and rumors of wars, famines and other such. He told us, in the world there would be tribulations. But here is the best news and promise, Jesus tells us to take heart for He has overcome the world and its news. That is not just some comment about an achievement of His but a blessing that He invites us to be in Him so that we too will be able to overcome the world and its news. Dear Sisters and Brothers , Christ does not command or want us to ignore the worldly news. When we see that disasters have struck and people are hurting, we are to help them generously as Jesus does whether they will respond in faith and in kind or not. What Jesus tells us to do is to not live into the news of the world in fear and despair. No, He promises we can have a peace that surpasses all understanding if we will live in Him. Our Heavenly Father’s News of love, peace and blessings is the only true news for this and every season. May you and yours have the most wonderful and blessed New Year.

We often hear a phrase “Hear the good news…………” followed by Jesus Christ is risen or Jesus Christ came to save our souls.  You may also hear that the good news is proclaimed in the bible.  If you have read parts of the bible you may think to yourself; this is no longer news.  I’ve heard or read it before.

I would ask you think about what is news based upon what we see and read in today’s media.  If you think about it; there is nothing really new.  Natural disasters have happened before, wars have happened, people have done unspeakable things to each other, fraud etc.  Even good news, people have won the lottery, or done brave things; people have been elected again etc.  What is new perhaps is that it is happening to a new place or someone different though alas sometimes the news is that it is happening in the same place over again.

So how does the bible and what it says about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit be new?  It is new in the context that we have changed.  That our circumstances change daily; sometimes in small ways, sometimes in very large ways.  While God is consistent; the same loving God today, as yesterday and tomorrow.  Our ability to see His consistent Love, Grace and Mercy in our lives is what is new and news worthy.

Thus, read the bible with fresh eyes.  Pray with the expectation of new

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