The Power of Christ’s love; lessons from a snow covered limb. We don’t often get snow in Virginia Beach but recently we’ve had two storms which put a lot of snow on our Cedar tree out back. The limbs were bowed low under the weight of snow and ice. Here’s the interesting part that I observed, the temperatures remained below freezing throughout several days but the sun came out very brilliant and even with the sub freezing temperatures, the snow and ice melted. The sun was more powerful than the air. You might be finding yourself bowed low by the cold and ice of this world; maybe it’s a physical issue or perhaps spiritual/mental or even a foreboding about the current times. It may be that wherever you look or turn to in the world, you find more darkness, more frigidity bowing your branches lower and lower. Take heart, there is a source of relief, a source of blessed melting and restoration. Please turn to the SON; Jesus Christ. The power and light of Christ’s love will pierce the deepest darkness. There is no temperature low enough, no circumstances so frigid that Christ’s warming presence and grace will not overcome. And all He asks of you to receive His mercy and power is to simply ask of Him for it. Oh and one more vital thing. Our sun sets every day leaving us in a period of darkness. The Son of God, Jesus Christ will never set on you, never abandon you to face the worldly freeze alone. So ask Him this moment and feel the healing warmth which will not only restore you but lift you to a greater strength that you ever thought possible.