“Peter answered and said to Him:  ‘You are the Christ'” Mark 8:29

“And likewise the chief priests also mocked…..’He saved others; Himself, He cannot save…..'”  Mark 15:31

A situation came up this week that granted some insight about the time between Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and His rising from the dead.  So I called my wife’s cell phone and left a message.  A little while later she called me back stating that she saw that she missed my call and asking me what I needed?  Being somewhat a smart alack, I asked her did she listen to my message.  To which she replied no. (Hang in there I’m getting to the point).  Later, looking at her phone she announced in a playfully derisive tone that I had not even left a message because she had no message on her phone.  To which I replied that I most certainly had. (Again point is coming)  Thus it would seem that we’re at an impasse; I knew I left a message, yet indeed her phone had no record of it; true opposed truths but whose right?

It is the day after the crucifixion and there are two competing messages.  One message, from a small but very faithfully believing group, was that Jesus was/is the Christ.  The second message from the masses is that this “savior” was no savior at all because He could not save Himself and was in fact now dead.  Which message was/is correct?

In the case of my wife and myself, once she shut down her phone and restarted it and found that she had not only missed my message for earlier that day, but also missed 6 or more other messages that never showed.  In the case of Jesus Christ, it was true that He was dead, but not because he could not save himself but because his sacrifice of death was the only way to become the True Savior He had proclaimed Himself to be.  The disciples were right the He was (and is) the Christ, yet until the coming of the Holy Spirit they did not truly grasp the aspect of Jesus’ sacrifice and redemption.

This is not just some academic discussion to mull over.  For today there seems to be several different competing messages out there that sadly are even espoused in some churches.  One is that Jesus is the Christ and Savior but is really only interested in certain nebulous aspects of our existence dealing with spiritual “Sunday” things and our afterlife.  There is a message that Jesus is the Christ and wanting to be a part of all we do but there are things we need to think, say or do first before Jesus Christ will work with us.

Yet, I believe Jesus Christ shared a greater message than these limiting ones.  For Jesus Christ came down from heaven and existed as we exist.  While He never failed, He lived among those who did fail.  While He never gave into temptation, He knew what it was to be tempted.  Jesus Christ came to us, He met us right where we are; in our sinful condition.  Jesus Christ loved and loves us however He finds us.  He does care about our spirit, but he also cares about our flesh and our mind.  He is the Lord of the Sabbath but also the King of the rest of the days as well.  All judgement has been given to Him, yet instead of condemning us, He died for us that we might live.

Dear Sisters and Brothers it is imperative for ourselves and our salvation that we follow the correct and accurate message.  It is important that we invest the time in diligent study of His word and prayer seeking understanding and spiritual wisdom.  It is critical that we don’t rely on our own perceived strengths and fortitude to navigate the treacherous currents of this world; lest we be swept against the rocks of prideful elevation or inconsolable despair.

The complete height, depth or breadth of the Truth of Jesus Christ, His sacrifice, His Salvation and His and Our Heavenly Father’s Love for us are too great for us to entirely comprehend.  Yet that should not deter is in our quest for deeper understanding, deeper love, deeper service in loving response to the greatest gift we have or will be ever given.  Let it always be, the Message of Jesus Christ is all the truth we will ever need.

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father, we are bombarded daily with so many conflicting messages about You and Your Son Jesus Christ.  We must admit that it can be confusing as to which message to follow.  Grant us the Holy Spirit who will impart guiding truth and wisdom for us.  Do not allow the tempter of this world to lead us astray with false messages of our own prowess or desolation.  That in reliance on Your Message of Love and Salvation, we will be able to live lives of praise to Your Most Holy name.  We pray in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

A Blessed Easter to all.