“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations.”  Ephesians 3:20,21

“But he who had received one went and dug in the ground and hid his lord’s money.”  Matthew 25:18

So which is better, being given the fish or learning to have caught it yourself, or does it really even matter as long as you have fish to eat?  Of course I’m referring to that old saying:  “Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you feed him for a life time.”

Understand this; God has the power to do both.  The Jewish people, after leaving Egypt, were in the wilderness far from anywhere to purchase or even grow food and even though they grumbled against Moses; God miraculously fed them.  Mana came down from heaven and God sent quail for meat.  All the Israelites had to do was go collect it.  Yet Our Heavenly Father uses us as well.  Think of the disciples sent out two-by-two and how they were able heal, cast out demons and preach the Word of God although Jesus was not physically with them.

So which is better?  How are we supposed to act when approaching God?  Do we look at effort on our part as a blessing or a burden?  I am not a Christian scholar and even so, less of a scholar of other ancient pagan religions.  But it seems to me many of the ancient gods and goddesses might be inclined to give favors and gifts to their subjects but they were loathe to share any of their power with them.  Their subjects would always have to live in fear that their god might have a change of heart and withhold necessities from them.  The relationship was one based on cowering fear and worry.

Contrast that with our Creator God; our Heavenly Father.  If people are in need of healing, He does not thrust us out of the way, banning us from participating and keeping us totally in the dark.  No, He is willing to share His power, His knowledge with us and include us in the process of healing, the process of providing, the process of loving.  And while we are incapable of a complete understanding, Our Heavenly Father wants to share with us as much of a knowledge of His nature as we are able to comprehend.  How do we know this?  How can we be sure?  God came down in the person of Jesus Christ to be able to interact with us on our own terms; giving us a Divinely yet human example.

However, here’s the problem Dear Sisters and Brothers; do we understand that we have access to His power?  Do we want to tap into His Power, to show to the world the extent of His Generosity, Mercy and Love for us?  Or would it be that we rather He does it all and we just be the recipient of His Divine Blessings.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit seem to answer that question. In the parable of the lent money and the servants; all servants are given something.  I believe this to be analogous to the talents that Our Heavenly Father has given to each of us.  Note in the parable people are given different amounts but that doesn’t seem to matter as to what is expected.  When given something by the master (again in this case analogous to Our Heavenly Father), we are to do something with it.  Note how the master (and I believe Our Heavenly Father) responded.  He did not just plunder the gains of the servants who used their gifts; he praised and rewarded them.  It was only to the servant who hid and did not use what was given to him by the Master, who received a wrathful reply.  Likewise Paul, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, speaks to us that the abundance of Our Heavenly Father is manifested through the power He has graciously given to each of us.  How tragic when that power is never used; when the switch to that power is never turned on.

We must never forget though that it is His power and not ours.  It is His talent, His wisdom, His love that we are being allowed to share.  How do we connect to that power?  Faith!  Believing that we are the creation of a Loving God who will spare nothing; not even His Own Son, to bring us into a right relationship with Him, allows us to believe in His power.  Falling on our knees in faithful prayer, asking for not only access to His Power but also the leadership to show us what and how to use His power is essential.  Taking time to study His word, where He lays out how His power is to be used and not used is a wonderfully blessed resource.

Dear Sisters and Brothers, we have power placed in us.  We have abundant blessings just waiting for us to throw the switch and to faithfully tap into the power He has provided.  Don’t stay in the dark.  Don’t turn yourself off.  Let us all be jolted into the higher, joyous, loving, abundant lives that Our Heavenly Father has empowered us to lead.

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father, thank You for Your mercifully generous sharing of Your Most Perfect Power.  We praise You for allowing us to see into Your Perfect Nature when You fill us with Your Power.  Forgive us when we at times seek out other, worldly power and turn off the switch that connects us to Your Power.  Help us to faithfully call upon and utilize Your Power for Love and Righteousness that will lead to lives worthy of praise to Your Most Holy Name.  We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen