“Lord I pray open his eyes that he may see………and he saw.  And behold the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around.”  2 Kings 6:17

“And do not fear those who can kill the body but can not kill the soul.”  Matthew 10:28

What a powerful blessing is our sight.  For most it is the primary sense by which we measure, we experience, we judge most aspects of our world.  We even go as far as to say: “Seeing is believing!”

Well Elisha’s servant had seen.  He had seen that the city of Dothan was surrounded by an enemy army.  He had seen the enemy’s fierce chariots and horses.  He had also seen the defenders of Dothan and they were not many.  So Elisha’s servant runs to Elijah and he is scared.  The servant runs to Elisha, filled with despair he cries out to “Alas, my master, what are we to do?”

Now the servant might have been expecting Elisha to have some escape plan or perhaps he expected Elisha to tell him to get his things in order for they were doomed.  He must have seemed extremely surprised when Elisha showed no trace of despair.  Elisha’s demeanor portrayed no hint of despair.  What on earth did Elisha know?

Well “on earth” had little to do with Elisha’s confidence; that is the “on earth” that most people, including the enemy could see.  For Elisha, a prophet of God, had been shown that there was something else “on earth” that most could not see.  Elisha knew that there was the earthly “seeing” that was based solely on what was physically able to be seen.  But he also knew there was the spiritual “seeing” that was based on the soul, based on the spiritual world and that was even more powerful than the physical world.  For the spiritual world was the realm of God Almighty and His realm was the most powerful of all.

But Elisha’s servant, the people of Dothan, even the enemy army could not see the spiritual world.  They had no idea what and who was arrayed to defend the people of God and utterly destroy the enemy.  So the enemy was confident, the servant was full of panic and Elisha sat confidently.  Elisha did not want his servant to be filled with terror so he prayed that his servant might be able to see the spiritual.  Once the servant’s eyes were opened; he then saw the spiritual.  He looked around and saw that the mountains surrounding the city and the Syrian enemy were filled with the flaming chariots and warriors of God Almighty.  An army more powerful than any earthly army that could be brought against it.  So now the servant saw and he understood how it was that Elisha could be so calm.  And indeed the Syrian Army was completely and utterly defeated and destroyed.

Dear Sisters and Brothers we can be sorely tempted to look around us today and be as the servant was.  It is tempting to fall into the trap of seeing enemies both near and far that seem tremendously more powerful, more dangerous, more assured of victory than we will ever be.  When we see only or primarily the physical, the realm of this earth; we can see significant evil arrayed against us.  It appears to be stronger and indeed if we will only look with the earthly, physical eyes, it is larger, stronger than we are equipped to defeat.

So God the Father Almighty, open up our eyes.  Give us eyes to see the spirit realm.  Give us eyes that see Your spiritual forces arrayed to do battle on our behalf.  Let us see the spiritual army with Jesus Christ leading it on, that we might be at peace as Elisha was.

Again, Sisters and Brothers we must be open to, believe with certain knowledge that both the physical and spiritual realms exists.  And that which is of the spirit; that is Our Father in Heaven, is more powerful than anything that is in the physical world.  When we allow our eyes to be opened to the Spiritual Realm, then nothing in the physical realm can overpower us with fear.  For we know that God is the All Powerful of both realms.  How can we so sure?  The God of Spirit came down to take the physical form; his Name, Jesus Christ.  And the God who came down in physical form, did not come to judge and destroy, He came down to bring salvation in the only way that could be.  The God, with the earthly body, came to die.  He came to take the death that was meant for us, for our sin and our transgression and He took it upon Himself.  Then after death, He took physical form again in His resurrection.  That we might, by some miraculous mystery, be transcended with Him, into beings of both the physical and spiritual realm.  Oh Lord open my eyes that might see…….THEE!

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father, You are our Creator who have endowed us with every blessing needed to live fulfilled, joy filled lives.  But we confess that we turn our vision from You to seeing only the world and when we do, sin overwhelms us.  Open our eyes we pray that we may see Your Spiritual Realm and thus know the power to defeat this physical world.  We thank You and praise You that, in Your Mercy and Love, You have not judged us as we deserve but instead sent Your Son, Our Savior Jesus Christ, as a sacrifice for us and our salvation.  With this vision firmly planted in us; Dear Father, may we live lives of praise and thanksgiving to You.  In Jesus Christ Name we pray.  Amen