“he walked on the water…..But when he saw the wind was boisterous he was afraid and beginning to sink he cried out…….”  Matthew 14:29

“Now he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches chokes the word……”  Matthew 13:22

Power!  Power, it is not the fact that winds and thorns exist that is troublesome, it is the power that they exert on us.  And dear brothers and sisters this is what is crucial for us to understand; the power does not effect Jesus Christ nor the Word.  No, it is us who are impacted by this power.

The disciples and Peter are in a boat and see Jesus walking on water.  Seafaring folks would have many tales of strange happenings and spirits on the water.  So that is what they, including Peter thought Jesus was.  But Jesus corrects and attempts to calm them by telling them He is no spectral apparition, no He is their Master, Teacher and Friend, Jesus.  Peter is still not certain so he challenges Jesus:  “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water!” And Jesus does just that.  Please, please let this sink in; Jesus presented Himself, Peter asked for a miracle, Jesus granted it and Peter was living it!  Peter was walking on water!!!!!

Why would a sower sow seed (by the way say those three words fast ten times 🙂 ).  Well duh, Doug, you reply obviously to grow something; something desirable.  That something desirable can come from the seed, makes the seed of significant value as well.  The seed is the word; the Word of God.  So we see the seed is very valuable indeed.  Yet a seeds value really comes from what it can produce and for that the soil is of importance too.  Sadly in some places there is no soil, others it is far to shallow for the seed to take hold.  Ah but the third soil is potentially good soil.  The third soil has depth, the third soil can grow things.  There is a chance to get a great crop from the third soil!

Alas, Peter does not stay on top of the water.  Alas, the third soil produces no good crop.  Why?  Power.  The power that there is in the wind; the power that there is in thorns.  Again please understand we are not talking natural processes of weather and botany.  No the power hear is not natural, it is supernatural, it is worldly, it is evil and it is extremely destructive.  Peter is on top of the water, walking with Jesus.  It is so hard for me to imagine how amazing that experience must have been.  The world did not want Peter to have that experience, so it raised a fierce wind.  A wind that had the power to distract Peter, to convince him that he couldn’t really be doing what he found himself doing!  And Peter, being distracted by that power, started to sink.

The soil was good.  The seed landed and started to take root.  But then something else started to grow.  Something that distracted the soil from producing the good harvest.  The thorns of the world arose and tried to block the Water of Love from getting to the Word filled soil.  Its branches filled with lures of gain, wealth, fear and concerns blocked the Light of Truth from the Word.  The third soil did not produce.

Dear brothers and sisters; we are Peter, we are the soil.  This is very personal for me for I can not claim I have actually walked on water but I know I have felt the Power of fear of the wind, as well as the Power of distraction of the cares, desires and fears of the thorns.  And I have sunk and been unfruitful.  And understand this is the Power of our enemy, the prince of this world; Satan.  It is a power we, in and of ourselves, are not equipped to defeat.

What then are we to do?  First, understand where the Greater Power resides.  The Greater Power is in Jesus Christ, is in the Sower.  We need to first see Jesus Christ.  We know that the Sower is sowing the Word and has the Powerful Plan for the growth of that Word.  You and I each have God Given talents, so we ask, like Peter did, to use those talents…..to walk……to grow our crop.  Then we must know that the world is going to try as hard as he possibly can with all devious, evil tricks he can use, with all power at his disposal, to sink us; to choke out our growth.  It is then that we must realize the True Power.  Jesus Christ is right there with us.  Jesus Christ stands on top of the water.  Satan has no power that can prevail against Jesus Christ.  Christ has the power to keep us on top.

Likewise, the Sower is there.  The Sower has the Power as we saw when Jesus Christ cursed the barren fig tree, Jesus can destroy the thorns which attempt to choke out the word.

In summation, it is The Power, His Power; the Power of the Father, given to the Son, testified to by the Holy Spirit.  It is through His power that we can confidently walk the path He has chosen, regardless of what the world throws at us.  It is through His Power that His Word grows in us yielding a crop ten-fold, a hundred-fold based on His Planted Seed.

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father; we boldly proclaim that You are All Powerful.  We also humbly admit that we are not and have not the power on our own to defeat the enemy.  So like Peter, we call out to You, praying for You to Pour out Your Power upon us.  Lift us up above all winds of fear and destruction.  Uproot all thorns of worldly cares, selfish desires, fears that are sowed to choke out Your Word.  That by relying completely on Your Power we can defeat the enemy and live lives of praise to Your Most Holy Name.  In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen

(Editor’s note: If you need a quick uplifting prayer or scripture reference, please go to the Youtube channel Hisnamebepraised, to see the short segments on that channel.  Blessings to you in His Name)