“Most assuredly I say to you, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood, you have no life in you.”  John 6:53

“It is the Spirit  who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life.”  John 6:63

Am I speaking a foreign language?  That question we ask after we said something that makes perfect sense to us but we’re getting nothing but blank stares from our audience ( I will tell you as an instructor, that is very sinking feeling).  There are times when I am searching through the television channels and I’ll stop on a foreign language station.  As I listen, I know that I am completely clueless in regards to what the person is saying but every once in a few sentences they  will say a name like:  New York or Washington.  Or they might say the name of a famous actor or politician and then I’ll respond:  Yeah!  I know that name or I know that place.

With zombies seemingly being a current worldwide rage, Jesus’ comment would seem to be out of some movie, book or television show.  Yet Jesus didn’t make that comment for some fictional entertainmet purpose.  And just as the bible said that many of the people did back then, if we heard someone today speaking of letting people drink his blood, we would think him deranged.  Earlier in the Gospel of John, Jesus has another encounter with a man who can not understand the point Jesus is trying to make.  Jesus tells Nicodemus that he must be born again.  Nicodemus takes Jesus literally, as in the flesh, and asks how can this be?  In both cases, the earthly flesh only speaking and understanding people, turn away in confusion and derision.  This saying is hard, who can understand it.

I freely admit, even with the bible, there are sayings which I don’t completely understand.  Why don’t I turn away?  The difference is the Spirit.  After many turned away from Jesus, he asks His disciples, don’t you want to turn away too?  Peter answers:  “Lord to whom would we go?  You have the words of eternal life.  (John 6:68)  Note that Peter did not say that he understood Jesus words, only that Peter knew they were the words of life.  Yes the Spirit tells us that these words are important and that we are to listen to them.  The Spirit tells us that these words come from the Son of God, who is speaking them on behalf of His Father, our creator.

The beginning of understanding of the language is to understand that there is the spiritual.  God is Spirit.  Yes, as He did with Moses, He can manifest Himself in the physical.  Spiritual beings can come into our world as they did countless times in the Old and New Testament.  And Spirit can take on flesh as is shown by God becoming man in the form of Jesus Christ.  But between the two, it is the Spirit that matters more.  It is the Spirit and the spiritual nature that is eternal.  The language of God is in the spiritual realm and that language is perfect.  God has never had to say:  “I know I said that but I really meant this.”  It is certain that God can completely understand us or we would not be exhorted to pray.  It is also very clear that we can not completely understand God, at least not through our earthly, flesh-centered intellect.

How can the gap be bridged?  How can it be that we can begin to learn and grow in understanding?  Who will be our translator?  As in all things, God has provided.  He provided His Son Jesus Christ, who came to live among us and to teach us, as best as we could comprehend, the words and the ways of God.  But it didn’t end as Jesus Christ returned to the Spiritual Realm.  For we have been sent a Counselor, the Holy Spirit, who graciously communes with our spirit attempting with our limited language and experience to teach us the ways of God and the path we should travel.

So let each and every one of us resolve that it will not be a dead language.  That to the best of our ability we will attempt to use the spiritual language of God.  We will know we are using it when our words are those of love and truth.  We express thoughts of mercy and not judgement.  Our expressions are those of light with the intent of uplifting those with whom we are communicating.  We will not be perfect in using them.  Our fluency will start out being questionable.  Yet as with any language, as we use it, the understanding will come more and more until there is a time when we no longer are thinking in our own terms, but are now thinking in His.  It is a language we should be yearning to get used to.  For it is the language, that by the Grace of God Almighty, we will be hearing and speaking for eternity.

Our Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we thank and praise You that You have seen fit to communicate with us, Your creation.  We thank You, most Merciful Father, for your patience with us, when we either don’t understand what you are trying to say, or miscommunicate Your words as we talk with others.  We also thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit who connects with our spirit to educate us in Your ways.  That we may come closer to You each day, coming to a fuller realization of Your Glory and Your Love for us, we pray.  In the Name Of Jesus Christ.  Amen.