“They came and saw where He was staying, and remained with Him that day…”  John 1:39

We have found the Messiah and he brought him to Jesus.”  John 1: 41-42

A day; twenty-four hours.  In my life there have been some pretty incredible transitions or differences if you will, that have happened during that time period.  I came into the world during that period (my mother, God rest her soul, fortunately didn’t have to wait more than a day).  I went from being single to being married (leading to 28 years and counting of incredible blessings.  I sure hope my wife looks as fondly at that day).  I went from not being, to being a parent (twice).  It is indeed amazing the transformations that can happen over a short period of time (there are too many to name; getting a job, losing a job, the passing of loved ones, moving to a new place, etc. etc.).  Sometimes, as in a marriage, or a birth, we know the transformation is coming.  We plan for it.  We may even be longing for it.  Sometimes, the change happens when we least expect it.  Finally, if we’re not careful, a change, a difference can present itself; and we completely miss it or are not open to the miraculous transformation that difference might bring about.

John and Andrew are daily following John the Baptist.  They are listening to his message of the need for repentance and the fact that the Kingdom of God is close at hand; that the Lamb of God, the Messiah, the Saving Son of God, is coming to the earth to save humankind.  Then, one day, there He is.  John (the disciple not the Baptist)  and Andrew don’t recognize Him.  Even after their leader, tells them, John and Andrew are not sure what to make of Jesus.  So they approach Him.  Jesus asks them a question.  We can tell by their initial answer, that they still don’t grasp who it is that they are addressing.  Because of what John the Baptist said, they get a sense that Jesus is different, perhaps even powerful, yet they are not sure to what extent.  How do we know?  They answer Jesus initially by calling Him “Rabbi”, which the scripture tells us should be translated teacher.  Now I’m sure in their minds if you would have asked them:  “Will the Messiah teach?”, they’d probably answer:  “Probably.”  And if you asked them is that all the Messiah would do; I’m fairly certain they would have emphatically answered;  “NO”.  So it would seem strange, if they were certain that Jesus was the Messiah, that they would address Him as “teacher.”

Then they spend a day with Jesus.  As the bible reveals, it probably wasn’t even a full day as John says that it was about the 10th hour of the day when they started following Jesus.  But the next day (we’re not sure of the time), Andrew runs to find his brother, Peter to tell him some tremendous news.  He doesn’t tell Peter that he has found a Rabbi (teacher), or even that he has found a great man.  No!  Andrew tells His brother Peter, they have found the Messiah.  We are left to ponder what John and Andrew witnessed in that brief time being with Jesus that changed their opinion about Him from being a “teacher” to being the Messiah.

Now for us, here is the crucial thing.  It is not as if all who came (or come) into Jesus presence automatically were transformed into believing in Him.  Some, like the rich man who came and asked Him question; (ironically also calling Jesus  “Good Teacher:), didn’t even accept Jesus’ invitation to follow Him.  There were many who came into Jesus presence just to listen to Him to find a way to trip Him up or trap Him in His words.  Even one who followed Him ended up betraying Him.  So it is not enough just to be in the presence of Jesus Christ.  We must be open to His message.  We must be humble enough to know that we will be wrong.  We must understand that no matter what label we try to use to describe Him; healer, teacher, savior, even Son of God, is not going to be sufficient to truly and accurately describe all that Jesus Christ is.  Our human language and even our human ability to conceive of His greatness, will always fall short.  Thus, we must be open to be transformed.  We must be open to having our vision and our perceptions drastically and irreversibly altered or more accurately improved.  Then and only then will we find ourselves, like Andrew, being thrilled to proclaim the treasure, that we have found the Messiah.  Only then, when the world scoffs at us and rails against our belief will we find ourselves answering for our belief like Peter did; “Lord to whom shall we go?  You have the words of eternal life. And we believe and know you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”  (John 7:68-69)

Sigh!  That I (we) might take the time to have that kind of day with Jesus Christ.  He is inviting all of us.  He has the time to give.  Do you and I?

Our Most Gracious Heavenly Father, throughout Your Holy Word and especially in the Words of Your Most Precious Son, Jesus Christ, You have and are inviting us.  In Your Mercy, Dear Father, You beckon us to come into Your presence.  And when our sinful nature would build a wall keeping us from You; You sent Your only Son, as True and Holy Sacrifice.  Who did what we can not, through His Blood, tearing down the wall through the forgiveness of sin, that separates us from You.  Convict my heart today, Dear Father, of the need to be in the presence of Your Son.  Give me a willing spirit, to hear the Life giving words of Hope that are His. We give You everlasting thanks and praise for Your Love which always has time for us, no matter our state.  We long to live a life of Praise to Your Most Holy Name.  We pray this in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Amen