“Then Jesus turned, and seeing them following, said to them ‘What do you seek?'”  John 1:38

Why have I been put on this earth?  Who am I?  What will I have for breakfast?  Fundamental questions (well maybe not that last one).  Questions of life and purpose.  These are questions that we often find ourselves pondering as we come to milestones in our lives or when sleep escapes us in the dark of the night and we find ourselves pondering the depth and breadth of life.  Sometimes the answers we come up with fade with the rising of the new day sun.  Sometimes those answers end up defining who we are and what we do.

Jesus knew how to ask questions.  He knew how to cut through all the smokescreens and confusions to get right to the most important heart of the matter.  In the quote above, this is not Jesus engaging in self reflection (for Jesus Christ always knew what He was seeking).  It was not an individual or group sitting down and trying to define themselves.  Jesus saw two people following Him.  He knew who they were; that they would become His disciples.  They, however, did not know that.  All these two men(the notes in the bible explain that, although not specifically named, they are most probably John and Andrew) knew was that, the one they had been following, John the Baptist, proclaimed about this new man “Behold the Lamb of God!” (john 1:36).  Having heard John the Baptist proclaim that, they followed Jesus.

Here is where, to me, Jesus shows His amazing understanding of humans and the way we think.  For Jesus could have asked, and I might have had I been in his place, “Who are you seeking?”  After all, seemingly, it was a person that they were following.  But Jesus understood that it was not a person they were seeking, but what that person would be able to do which really caused them to leave John and follow him.  If He was the true Lamb of God, the Messiah, what would he then do?  Would he wipe out the cursed Romans with a wave of his hand?  Would He strike down sinners with merciless judgement?  Would lightning bolts and claps of thunder constantly emanate from His being?  What would He do?

And again, here is a wonder of Creator, created interaction and relationship building.  For Jesus, right then and there, could have declared his position as Son of God, wrought some terribly powerful miracle that would leave no doubt and demand their allegiance through power.  Yet, He does none of those things; instead, He asks them a simple but fundamentally powerful question:  “What do you seek?”

At this very early stage, the two disciples don’t understand the depth of the question so their answer is very simple:  “Rabbi, where are You staying?”  Over time they would come to deeply understand that in seeking and finding the Messiah, what they may have initially thought, and what the world thought, a Messiah should be was radically different, and totally in error, as to what Jesus Christ, the True Messiah was.  They also came to understand, how infinitely more powerful, more omniscient, more loving, more perfect, was jesus Christ, than any earthly vision of what a Messiah should be.

Jesus knows how to ask questions.  He looks and sees us following.  We have heard proclaimed by parents or friends, preachers or teachers, in books and on television, Jesus is the Christ.  And Jesus turns to us and asks:  “What are you seeking?”  Perhaps a genie who can fulfill all your wishes?  Maybe a body-guard who will keep you from any danger?  Maybe a great doctor who will keep you physically well?  Maybe a wonderful therapist that will make you constantly happy.  The question He asks is not a simple one.  It causes us to look deep into our very core.  In Jesus Christ, what are we seeking?  Who do we see Him to be and what should a proper relationship with Him be like.

Unfortunately, when He turns and asks that question, some will turn and run away, afraid to even be in conversation with Him.  Some will arrogantly believe they know exactly what, when, where, who with and why Jesus should do for them and make those demands.  Yet some, will drop to their knees and cry out that they need a Loving Savior.  They (we, I) need a Loving Saviour who will take us just as broken as we are, lovingly heal us, and guide us in His ways, that we can not understand.  We are seeking the Perfection of Him and through Him to come into the presence of Our Most High Heavenly Father.  For those of us on our knees, may we find the strength to raise our bowed heads, look into his eyes and witness the Perfect Love and Mercy as He smiles and replies to us with outstretched arms:  “Come and see.”

Our Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we are so very thankful that You sent Your Son, Jesus Christ to live among us and be Our Savior.  Thank You Dear Merciful Father, that He takes the time to reveal HImself to us through the questions that He asks.  Thank You Most Forgiving Father, that He beckons us, just as we are, to come and see Him and through Him that we can see You.  Through that invitation, Most Perfect Father, change us into His likeness of love and wisdom, that we might come to live a life that praises Your Most Holy Name.  In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen