“For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, nor hidden that will not be known.  Therefore whatever you have spoken in the dark, will be heard in the light and what you have spoken in the inner rooms will be proclaimed on the housetops.  Luke 12:2-3

It’s been said that we’ve become a connected world such that has never been seen before in history.  With social media I can see things that my “friends” are doing, today, when they are half way around the world.  I can read people’s opinions, great and small, on virtually any topic.  I can get information in real time, with much less filtering from government or traditional information outlets (for example news organizations).  I can comment AND, and this is a very important aspect, I don’t have to give my name out or anything about me when I do.  AND, I can go searching for sites and places, and because I don’t physically have to show up, no one really knows what I’ve done………Do they?

Jesus accepts an invitation to dine with some Pharisees and other leaders.  Some might think He was not being a good guest, but His hosts start to criticize Him for not washing before He ate.  So Jesus responds.  His response is not just about the physical act of washing, it is about the humble need for cleansing.  He chides the Pharisees about being much more interested in appearances of actions versus the inward proper motivation for actions.  He chides the lawyers for not using their learning to truly help others versus, using their learning as way to keep others ignorant and dependent on them.

Then Jesus goes out and speaks to the multitudes and in that way He is speaking to us.  He tells us, don’t think we can hide our hypocrisy behind the shield of seemingly good acts or social position.  Don’t put your faith your ability to be sneaky or conniving.  You will be found out.  The extent of your daytime piety or generosity mean little if your actions at night are of greed and depravity.  And what happens at night, what you think is being kept secret, what has transpired in the backroom, will be known.

How many times have we seen that today?  A person says, well more than that, they swear, that they did not do something; and then the exact opposite comes out.  How many times have we seen the video gone viral of somebody doing something shocking and seemingly so out of their public persona?  It is pretty amazing that people feel, these days, that they can send something electronic and that it will remain secret.  I’ve heard it said, and it seems to be true, in the world of electronic communication, there truly is no delete key.

So as we contemplate our sin, our evil and we spend our efforts and resources thinking about whether we will get caught.  The short answer is yes.  How does that happen?  It happens because God knows our hearts.  And as Jesus said in Matthew and Mark, it is in our hearts where the struggle between good and evil resides.  How do we not get caught?  We don’t go there in the first place.  We understand that truly, there is no place to hide.  When evil raises up its ugly head, and understand, evil is going to try to invade our very hearts, we must cry out to the One who has the power to overcome that evil, because He did it before.  On the cross.  Let it truly be that what is heard from our heart in those dark times is not the desire, then plan and finally action to accomplish evil, but the desperate cry of help to our Abba Father.  That the blaring light of truth that is shown on us is the Light of  His True Love.  Let that be what we get caught in.

Our Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we pray to You Dear Father, humbly confessing that we often devise plans of evil and wickedness in our heart.  That we think we can hide our thoughts and deeds from you and the world.  So it is that we truly pray for Your Strength and Your Mercy so that we can overcome the temptation to do evil.  Cleanse our hearts, Dear Father that we can live in the confidence of Your Love not fearing what might be uncovered or shown in the light of day.  That through that cleansing, we may become vessels of Love, Light and Truth, which will bring Praise to Your Holy Name and good to Your people on this earth.   In the name of the One sent to Save us from evil, Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen