“For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us for the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord”.  Romans 9:38-39.

Stop a second.  Take a deep breath; more than likely it will become a heavy sigh.  It has been tough recently.  Evil and tragedy seem to abound.  Grieving is widespread and fear is palpable.  For some, there is a sense that two horrible things have happened, and bad things always come in three, so something else horrific is still to come.  For others in this world, today is another day, likes the days, months, even years that have preceded it,  filled with explosions, death, war and fear that seemingly will never end.

Some will say that it is the end of things, some will say that they are at their personal wits end; most of us wish that the tragedies would end.  There was a place where the day became dark, the gospel tells us it was dark over all the earth.  To those witnessing, it was not just a single event of tragedy, but culmination of tragic event after tragic event.  And they weren’t just impersonal witnesses to what was happening to One, it could also easily be a portent of what was going to happen to each of them.  Once the death happened and hasty burial took place, the witnesses left in mourning, fear and uncertainty of what would come next.

And what came next was amazing; though not in a tragic way, but in an unbelievably wondrous way.  What came next was the outcome of the power of love.  What came next was the triumph of good over evil, comfort over tragedy, love over hate.  Jesus Christ had risen.  He was alive and IS ALIVE TODAY!

No matter how you are effected, whether it be by the horrific things that are being revealed in the news, or your own personal tragedy or horror; know this.  You are loved.  Your individual name, is spoken in love by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and it known and held close by The Creator of All, Our Heavenly Father.  As Paul, inspired by the Holy Spirit so eloquently described, there is nothing in earth nor in heaven, that will take away or interrupt that flow of His Love to you and me.  Feel that love today.  Feel that love today and to the extent that you are able, share that love today.

Dear Heavenly Father be with us we pray.  There is not one of us who do not need You though some aren’t aware of that need.  Please, Passionate Father, pour out Your Mercy, Love, Strength, Healing and Restoration to us.  Lift us Most Gracious Father as we are pushed down on our knees.  That we may find the strength and spirit to Praise Your Name, In the Name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen