I send you out as lambs among wolves.  ……..  Luke 10:3

He commanded them to take nothing for the journey except a staff – no bag, no bread, no copper in their money belts…and not to put on two tunics.  Matthew 6:8

…returned with joy saying, Lord, even the demons are subject to us in Your name.   Luke 10:17

“I thank You, Father of heaven and earth that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes.”  Luke 10:21

Wisdom is greatly extolled in the bible, especially in Proverbs, so understand I am not trying to speak against all wisdom per se.  Although even in the book of Proverbs it states that fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  It is the conflict of our earthly wisdom, when it comes up against Christ’s and Our Heavenly Father’s dictates where the problems arise.

Our earthly wisdom is so often built around calculations.  We weigh the pros and cons and look for return on investment.  Before we get started, can we see the end and is that vision something we want to be a part of.  If so, we are all in, if not we say no thanks.  Jesus sends his disciples out to go before Him into the villages where He is going to be travelling to.  Maybe this was to give practice to His disciples, maybe as well it was to give credibility to their message, giving them the power to heal and cast out demons.  And as they proclaimed that the Son of God was coming to them; Jesus did come.  The bible does not give the exact reason, but it does clearly spell out Jesus’ directions to them as well as the environment that they were entering.

This is where earthly wisdom would kick in.  Hmmm, we’re to be sheep among wolves; sounds dangerous.  If that is the case, it would be good to have extra provisions.  The wolves won’t be feeding us so we better take extra food and something to carry it in……do not carry a bag, no bread.   I bet we’re going to need some money along the way, wolves are not going to take us in……do not carry copper.  I bet we’re going to need some extra clothes for protection……do not wear two tunics.  Really??? Really???  That is how you expect me to go out?  AND  you expect me to be successful in that journey???  I don’t think so.  Let’s negotiate.  Listen to me, because, based on my experience, I think I have a better idea.  Jesus, I don’t really think you have thought the journey through.

That, of course is not what happened.  Those whom he sent…..went.  And they came back rejoicing, seemingly incredulous at how great their journey had been.  They recounted how they were able to heal and even cast out demons, adding most importantly, that they accomplished these things in Jesus Name.  Jesus responds to them:  “blessed are the eyes that have seen what you have seen…….” .  Just think at what those who refused the journey would have missed out on because they thought the journey a fools errand, destined for failure.

I was eight maybe ten years old.  At that time I was getting into springboard diving because my older brother was an accomplished diver.  I had just successfully completed doing a flip, when my earthly dad said; “Try a one and a half.”  Without a second thought, I got out of the water and jumped off the board and did one.  If he said do it, he must think that I could so why should I doubt him and not try?  Had I been many years older, closer to an adult, my reaction would have probably been very different (I can tell you it would greatly be today).  What are the chances that I am going to fall flat on my face?  Will it hurt if I fail?  Will I look foolish in trying?  What is my reward if I succeed?  Is it worth the risk?  Naah better not.

In a example with many more far reaching and dire consequences, I have, not infrequently, found myself in discussions about the bible and faith.  I have had people ridicule my beliefs or try to sway them based on their facts that what the bible says about a certain thing can’t be that way, because a “Loving Father, wouldn’t do that sort of thing.”  I am not too proud to say that I have, in the past, sometimes briefly been swayed by some of those arguments causing me to question my faith and what is said in the scriptures.  What now keeps my grounded is the fact that what Our Heavenly Father asked of His Son and what Jesus Christ obediently carried out makes no “earthly” sense.  In what earthly plan, would You send Your Son to people who You knew would hate Him AND ask Him to die, as a completely innocent person, taking on the crimes of us guilty people that deserve judgment; especially when You have the power to completely wipe them out and start over?

Thank God that He is not confined to act within our earthly wisdom.  For I know that I would be condemned if He did.  What was Jesus Christ’s reward for dying for us?  He is now at the right hand of God, receiving the Glory as the King of Kings.  I would be only to happy to be truly counted as being a fool for Christ; following Him unquestionably with whatever I am asked, by Him to accomplish.  We should have faith, that He will be with us, both in what we are tasked to do and will receive us joyously into Heaven to bring before Our Heavenly Father.

Our Most Gracious and Heavenly Father, please give me the strength to discount earthly wisdom along with the faith to completely follow You.  Make me a babe when it comes to completely following You and not questioning the wisdom of Your Plan. That I might be confident of receiving the reward of blessings in this life and the eternal reward of an existence with You forever.  In Jesus Christ name we pray.