And Jesus said to him, “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” They said to Him “Yes Lord”   Matthew 9:28

Then He touched his eyes, saying, “According to your faith, let it be to you.”  Matthew 9:29

Why did he do it?  Why do most of the healing accounts start with the person(s) asking to be healed and then,  continue with either someone proclaiming their faith in Jesus, or Jesus asking them about their belief and waiting until they answered?  The way that we look at things in today’s world, we might put forward the following hypothesis.  Jesus wanted glory for himself.  He wanted to make the person needing healing to grovel to Jesus, to proclaim the greatness of Jesus for all to hear.  However, that doesn’t seem likely; in that we know, after Jesus healed them, he often told them not to tell who it was who had done the healing.

Now, as I have stated in other posts, I surely do not claim to know the mind of, clearly understand the happenings with, nor would want to speak for Our One and Only Savior Jesus Christ.  Yet the trend in these healings would appear to set up a pattern.  First I would point out, that although Jesus healed people, He never promised them a “happily ever after” existence.  Jesus Christ does not promise what He can not deliver.  He knew the humanity with which He was dealing and that there would come times in the future for strife, troubles and problems in these people’s lives.

So what might they have learned with their encounter with Jesus to help them during those times?  In some cases, Jesus did physically touch the sick person, but in others he simply commanded the healing to take place; thus physical contact was not necessary.  Though, while physical contact may not have been necessary, coming to Jesus would be.  It would not be some vague desire to be healed but the unmistakable commitment to come to the One, to come to Jesus Christ which was important.  Secondly, the belief in the power of Jesus Christ, was as important as the original request.  This was not to be a “I won’t put all my eggs in one basket” type of approach, where asking Jesus was just one out of many options with each having the same likelihood of success.  No, it is important that we realize that Jesus Christ is THE answer; period!  Therein lies the power of the profession.  The steadfast, unequivocal statement of belief.  I believe that Jesus Christ can do this (whatever the “this” is). It is in that faith; that Jesus Christ’s power is manifested for and in us.  Please understand, I am not trying to limit Christ’s power; He is omnipotent.  It is we who are hindered from seeing the work and power of Christ when we fail to truly believe in His Power.

And this world will fight us in this endeavor.  First the world will tell us that is weakness to even ask.  We are to either overcome or adapt on our own.  Strength lies in self reliance.  And lie is the correct word here for it is a falsehood.  After asking, it is indeed folly to believe in something that can not be proven by empirical means.  You should have your head examined if you profess the concrete belief in Jesus Christ’s answer to your prayer.  Also, besides the world fighting us, we should be looking within ourselves as disciples of Christ as well.  Why are we asking for what we are asking?  Is it to our glory, our comfort, our wealth that we are asking?  Or are we asking with the sincere desire that the outcome, while it may be very personally positive for us, will further God’s plan for us and this world.

Jesus Christ knew for those with him as he walked on this earth as well as with us today, that once we have called upon Him and professed our unquestioning faith in Him and witnessed His work; it will be more difficult for us to turn around and deny him.  It is the deep, long lasting relationship that He desires as well as Our Heavenly Father desires, which is why Jesus Christ came to earth in the first place.  May it be that, in growing that relationship, we will not hesitate to come to Jesus, ask of Him and profess our full faith and belief in Him, knowing that His Love will keep and sustain us, now and forever.

Our most Gracious and Heavenly Father, we can not express our gratitude enough for Your gift of Your Son, Jesus Christ.  Fill us with a spirit of humility that will bring us to ask in the name of Jesus Christ and the strength to profess an unquestioning faith in Him.  That in asking, believing and receiving, we may live a life that truly Glorify and Praises Your Name we pray; in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ.