For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.  John 3:17

There are many high profile cases in the news these days.  Politicians for fraud, parents for killing their children, actors for ridiculous acts…everywhere it seems judgement is at hand.  If it is not in actual trials, we hear about all sorts of lies, evil and despicable acts.  So it would seem that judgement is or at least should be at hand.  It would seem that our case is in the hands of the cosmic jury and that the verdict would be soon to come.  The way this world sees justice, I think we better be looking for a pretty good plea deal because we’re going to be doing some time and deservedly so.

Yet as the echo of the gavel fades into the courtroom and we fear that we are being led away to our sentence, He will stand up.  “Your Honor” He will say. “That Price has already been paid; that sentence has been carried out.  That one you have convicted is FREE!  He will proclaim.

The judge answers back: “Who are you to make such a proclamation on this person’s behalf?”

I am Jesus Christ!  He will proclaim.  And I have paid the price in full for this one’s transgression. 

“So be it” the judge will decree.  He that was convicted is free.

You see whether the jury is still out on us or not makes no difference.  The verdict may (and at some point will) come back that we are guilty.  But for those who believe that Jesus Christ is the one true Son of God, we are forgiven.  The horrible penalty that we deserve has already been paid by Christ.  What do we owe in return?  That we Love Christ and our Heavenly Father.  That we repent of our sins.  We can live in joy knowing that He who would judge is He who has already saved. 

There is no need for a higher appeal.