“If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear” Mark 4:23

Jesus uses this phrase several times in the bible.  Often after stating a parable or discussing the Kingdom of God.  And if taken literally it would seem a strange saying.  For as Jesus looked out upon the crowds that he was addressing he would have seen that they all had ears.  Anyone within the distance of his voice would have had the vibrations of sound contact their eardrums producing hearing.  But the mystery of Jesus Christ being a living human being and thus knowing human beings; He knew exactly what he was saying.

I don’t know why but I love to drive with the window down.  There is something about the fresh air that comes cascading into the vehicle through the open window.  Yet I also love my tunes.  I don’t care really about air-conditioning or electric windows or other add ons to the car.  I need the stereo to work and then I’m happy.  However, with the window down I have to turn up the stereo (maybe also the rush of the wind drowns out my singing as I sing along to the music).

So it happens that at times I will get a call on the cell phone when driving (and yes I apologize to those safety conscious folks who say that I should ignore it).  Should I decide to answer the call, I can not hear the person with the stereo blasting and the window open.  So it can be when God calls us.

You see the enemy wants at all costs to disrupt that all important conversation with God.  He will try all sorts of noise to keep that from happening.  Some of the noise comes from fear.  Don’t answer His call.  You don’t have time to listen.  He will tell you what a failure you are.  If you listen to Him you won’t get your work done, He won’t want you to be with that person you want to be with, it will be bad news.  Sometimes the enemy will use vanity.  You don’t need to listen to Him, you’re good enough just the way you are.  He wants you to give credit to Him when you know you were the one who did it.  And there are so many other tricks of noise he can use.  So I decide not to answer or if I do, the song is too important or the wind feels to good and I say to God:  “I’ll call you back.”

Jesus Christ knew this.  In fact He experienced it.  In the Garden of Gethsemane, He heard the voices.  He heard the voice of His disciple betraying him with the word master.  He heard Peter denying ever knowing him.  He heard the crowds screaming crucify Him.  He heard that voice that He was going to die a horrible death and take upon Himself the weight of all of humankind’s sin.  “Don’t go through with it!” cried the voice.  But Jesus Christ being the Son of God did not listen.  Instead, He heard the Father telling Him “You are my Son in whom I am well pleased.”  He heard that at the end of three days He would rise again in Glory and Victory and sit at the Right Hand of God the Father Almighty and all things would become subject to Him.  That is the voice He listened to.

I believe it was also no accident that he used the sense of hearing verses he who has eyes let him see (although Jesus also talked about those who see yet are blind).  He knew that the gospel would be spread by the telling of one to another and across the generations there would be preaching and even as we read we “hear” His voice in our head.

So here is my choice.  I can say that the call is important enough to roll up the window, turn off the stereo (and in the car analogy even pull over so I can truly concentrate) and pay attention to the call.  I can decide to hear.  And what will I hear if I do?  “You are loved.”  “Have no fear, I have overcome the world”  “Come unto me all who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest”  “I so loved you that I gave my only begotten Son, that if you believe you will not perish but have everlasting life.”  Is that not a call worth taking; a voice worth listening to?

So I pray for all; answer the call.  Hear the voice.  It is not a robocall.  It is a call meant specifically for you from our Creator.  Let we who have ears, let us hear.