Yet you do not have because you do not ask……..(James 4:2)

Then those who went before him warned him that he should be quiet; but he cried out all the more “Son of David, have mercy on me!”  (Luke 18:39)

We have a hurt that has been with us all our lives; it may be physical, it may be spriitual or even both.  We have a dream that is laid on our hearts and it seems so close that we can touch it.  We are working so hard, making our plans, yet there it remains just out of reach.

We may find that we question:  “Why do I hurt?”  “Why do I feel this way?”  “Why can’t this happen for me?”

Or we may find that we curse:  “I hate this thing”  “I hate this (fill in the blank) it is never going to happen.  I hate this life, and many other things

Yet note in the first, questioning is not the same as asking.  And even cursing can lead to something but if I or you do not go beyond the curse then nothing will come of it.

A blind beggar sat by a roadside.  That he existed until this point meant that some people at some point had taken pity on his condition and he given him some things but he certainly wasn’t prosperous.  He could not see but he heard a commotion.  It does not appear that he cursed the commotion at not being able to see it but if he did; he did not stop there.  He asked and was told Jesus was walking by.  Again he could have cursed his condition that he could not see Jesus or even see to be able to make it through the crowd to get to him.  But again if he did, he did not stop there.  The scripture tells us he cried out to Jesus.

Then the world intervened.  The world in the guise of people standing around him, did not support him or help in any way; in fact the opposite was true.  They started to talk back to him and maybe even curse him; telling him to be quiet and stop making a distrubance.  Again he could have cursed the world and stopped; but he didn’t

The scripture tells us he cried all the louder; loud enough for Jesus to hear him and then ask for the man to be brought to him.  Notice how quickly the world changes in this case.  Those who just a minute ago were berating the man for his insolence to be crying out to Jesus, now tell the man to be of good cheer; for the Jesus has heard him and is calling for him.  And Jesus heals his blindness.

The man had plenty of opportunity to stop before he got to his healing.  In fact he might have never even started in the first place.

But how do we know that Jesus is listening to us?  How do we know that we will be the lucky one?  The scripture tell us.  Think if there is ever a time that when faithfully asked, Jesus turns a person down.  A Roman Soldier, a poor woman, even a gentile after Jesus initially says His time for her is not yet, relents when her faithful, humble answer shows her heart.

Jesus promises it and that is the most important source of all.  In John he clearly states, those who love me and keep my words, ask whatever they will of me and I will do it that My Father may be glorified.

We must understand; the world does not put a premium on asking for help.  It is a sign of weakness.  We like the self made person, pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, pointing to their own hard work and persaverence as the reason for their success.  The world cringes when it hears “I first want to thank my Savior Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father”.  Like the crowd they say shut up, you’re making a commotion.

The world makes it easier to curse.  Yet remember Jesus overcame the world and this is the most important part.  He overcame it not for himself, for he started out greater than the world.  He overcame the world for us.  That we may have a Saviour to call upon who knows us and will hear us and not be slow to answer.

So find a time today to ask.  Ask:  not why not but for.  Ask in faith and know that it was heard.  That the world can not drown it out and in faith to the Glory of God our Heavenly Father it will be answered.