I thank You Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes.” Luke 10:18

I enjoy reading as well as studying.  I find it refreshing when I believe that I’ve learned something new.  Even better when I’m able to take that learning and put it to use to help others.  Yet to what end and to whom do I give credit for the learning and/or subsequent giving of that learning?

In the old testament one of the biblical figures most none for wisdom was King Solomon.  In fact, when God asked him what his greatest desire was, Solomon requested to be granted wisdom about all else.  God felt that was such a worthy request that He promised Solomon, not only wisdom, but riches and and a long life as well.

Yet when you read Ecclesiastes, you read what Solomon thought of wisdom, indeed all earthly pursuits, they are “chasing the wind.”  For Solomon, from an earthly standard, had it all.  He was rich. He was a successful king (for the most part), He was famous, He was wise.  He had many wives.  And in the end he let the things of this world pull him away from that early faithful relationship he had with God.  He speaks of it.  He strives to find “the secret of a happy life”.  He tries finding it in learning, in making money, in fun and riotous living, and in all these pursuits he fails to find the meaning of a content life.

Fast forward to Jesus times.  The ones thought to be the most wise were those of the established religion and those who were well off.  For them to be so revered, they must be very wise.  Yet in their wisdom they couldn’t see Jesus and what He was doing.  This was the same wisdom that had killed so many of the prophets sent before to help God’s people.  Their wisdom, the wisdom of man, was far too limited to see the truth of God.

That is the problem with being at the pennicle of development in this earthly realm.  We don’t expect that our pets, or the birds or other livng creatures have the answers to it all.  We say they act by blind instinct, doing what they do but not really understanding why.  We are the only ones that believe that all understanding is on our grasp, if we work hard and enough and are wise enough to grasp it.  We have an ultimate faith in our brains and our ability to achieve all wisdom. 

God Sighs

For He knows His perfect wisdom is not within our ability to understand.  It is not that He hides the wisdom so that He can maintain power as in our saying knowledge is power.  As it is with our youngest children, God understands that we are incapable of, the language is too limited, our perception to finite to truly grasp the totality of His wisdom.  He does what He can; then He asks one more thing.  Believe

Yet our wisdom and vanity, spurred on by His and our enemy says no.  I would rather bow down to something of my making and understanding; whether it be a golden calf centuries ago, or a pile of money and prestigious title today, then humbly submit that I will never (in this life) truly understand.

In my/our most insightful moments, we understand that the wisdom we have, comes from beyond us.  I did not frame my brain in such a way that I would be able to read, I did not decide to come up with a language to communicate with.  I have thoughts but if you asked me what is the chemical/electrical process by which those thoughts come into being within my brain, I would be hard pressed to explain.

Wisdom, has, is and will always be a gift.  A gift from a Loving, Nurturing Father, who understands our limitations and takes them into account by giving us a simply request and the means with which to fulfill it.  Believe.  Believe in Him, in His Son Jesus Christ and in the indwelling Holy Spirit. 

Let us all go out and be wise.