because he first loved us.    1 John 4:19

There is a basic psychological premise that goes something like at our basic motivation, we do things that we feel will  make us feel good;  in other words we are constantly evaluating What’s In It For Me.  Even when we are doing things that seem selfless and charitable, we are still doing that because we feel good about ourselves in doing it.

Let’s say for a moment there is some truth to that.  Most often that question is buried deep in our conciousness.  That is as I play with my children, teach my class, cook a meal, drive to the store, I’m not conciously asking what is in this for me right now for doing this.  Yet there is often a deep sense of frustration and discontent when we find ourselves constantly working against what we feel our needs or desires are.

So what is the WIIFM for you today as you:

                                                     Got out of bed today?    Went to work?    Talked to a friend?   Read the bible?   Walked the dog?   Spent time with your family?

And many other things we do on a daily basis;  some seem exciting some seem drudgery.  What did you get out of it?

What would you have gotten out of it when all you really wanted is a child and couldn’t have one (Abraham and Sarah)?  If your family hated you and tried to harm you? (Joseph)  If your boss hated you so much that he wanted to do away with you? (David)  If you found yourself unexpectedly with a child? (Mary and Joseph)

Fortunately the answer is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  No matter what you are doing, where you find yourself and whomever you are with, no that what you are getting is God’s love.  Whether you ask for it, or even want it; it doesn’t matter.  God loves you. He will seek you out and will care for you.  He has sacrificed for you just so you can be with him.  His love is what is it in for you (and me).  And there is no other answer that I need.