By now most of us have heard about that game concerning six degrees of separation from a famous actor.  The idea is of course that we can find a connection to anyone if we look hard enough.

However, this post is about where do you find your separations and to what degree from the Lord Almighty.  If you could travel back to the days where the primary occupation was farming, the sense of closeness to the Almighty through the uncertainties of nature, might seem easier to come by.  The farmer knew that he could not control the rain or how hot or cold the temperatures would be.  They could not control what insects were going to invade the crops.  When out of our control, reliance on our Heavenly Father (even today) seems natural.

Now we fast forward to today.  And today we find that we are taught that so many more things are in our control and thus our responsibility.  We think about our success and the chances of it in terms of what schools have we attended for which degrees.  We believe that we need to dress a certain way to impress.  We believe that we have to impress; the interviewer, our manager, our customer among others.  The mantra is about I need to do this or if I could only be that, if I can connect with this person or make it into that club or group.  For many Christians, Christ is still there for salvation of the soul, but the body and the daily life with it belongs to and is the responsibility of ours.

So it is that we put degrees of separation between us and God.  God may have created the world but I have to find the job.  God may have given me talents but I’m responsible for the paycheck.  To believe in myself is the key to success.  And with each degree of separation comes an openning for the enemy to turn that separation into a completely broken connection.  If the enemy can get us to leave God out of aspect of our lives then he can use that to turn us away in other areas. 

What we are to understand is that the one who controlled the farm controls the firm.  He who took simple fisherman and made them the CEOs of the most important and arguably the most successful organizations that mankind has ever seen.  There is no degree higher than His, no title able to usurp Him.  God is the creator of all things.  In the bible, there is not one example of a person who put his faith first in God, who was ever defeated, destroyed, or denied.  The number of separations we put between ourselves and God is just the more difficult we make it to achieve the very success that we want. 

Lest you think God can’t control people, read how He used a Pharoah to bless Joseph.  Lest you think how you look, or your physical prowess is a prerequisite for or even an attribute to success, read about David’s physical description (smallest and least attractive) of his brothers and what he did to Goliath.  Lest you think a noble title will bring you anything, read in Acts what happened to a King who took the credit for something God had done.

Do not allow anything or anyone to separate you from Jesus Christ and the blessings from God.  Do not separate God into a particular day, particular time or particular activity.  God has a love and a plan for you and your success.  In this case separation does not make the heart grow fonder.