“So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of my mouth”  Revelation 3:16

Not a pretty picture!  So what’s the problem with luke warm or room temperature.  Well from the world of my favorite topic; food, I think we can learn something.

Rarely do we find things in the world of culinary delights start off being or meant to be served luke warm.  From our earliest ages, we are admonished to “come get your dinner before it get’s cold!”  By cold it is not meant refrigerated, it means no longer hot.  No, foods are cooked to not only, release wonderful tastes but also to kill harmful germs and bacteria from the food’s natural state.  The same thing with refrigeration.  The cold is meant to add a refreshing or strengthening to a food.

Yet luke warm requires no outside interaction or intervention.  It is not heated by a stove or cooled by a refrigerator.  It just is.  Obviously hot, that is moved by the heat of God’s Love, warmed by the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us, steaming with action from the Holy Spirit is the way we are supposed to be.  Yet even if we find ourselves in a place of being frigid toward God, we are at least acknowledging God in our lives. 

That is why Jesus says I could wish that you were cold or hot!  Later he explains “Because you say, I am rich,have become wealthy and have need of nothing – you do not know that you are wretched………

So beware the lukewarmth of your own success.  Be careful when you say, I have need of nothing, I am sufficient for myself.  You will find yourself the furthest away from Him who is your sustaining heat.  Go ahead get Hot today.