The Beatles had it right in this song “All you need is love, love is all you need”.  There are so many self books or seminars out there.  There is the since if I only make enough, look like this enough, live here enough, give enough or yes even weigh enough, that is all I need to….?  Be happy? Be content? Be fulfilled? Be successful?  Be……..  Love is all you need. 

Of course we have to come to an understanding and definition of love and that is not easy.  Is heart pounding excitement, is it tear filling sentiment, does it come and go, do I earn it from some and only give it to some?  All great and needful questions well beyond my experience to answer.  I do offer some resources that have greatly helped me:  Scott Peck’s The Road Less Travelled (specifically pages 81-116) CS Lewis The Four Loves and of course the bible where John’s gospel and the letter to the Phillipians are great teachings to me concerning love.  I’d love (little pun intended) to hear of some other great resources others have found.

So finally, love is all you need.  There is one true love that was not free, but is freely given.  I pray today that you feel that love from Him who gives us salvation and invites us into His presence and from Him who sacrificed all to make that happen.  The links I’m including are to the lyrics of the beatles song and a wonderful musical examination of love.