Much has been written about the parts and the meanings of that wonderful prayer given to us by our Lord and Savior and rightly so.  Yet it is in it’s entirety and the Spirit behind it (so to speak) where it has its greatest power.  For in the stark simplicity of the words comes the greatest intimacy of the relationship inferred in the prayer.  Through things like the acknowledgement of the need for Our Father’s name to be hallowed, the requesting of His will and throughout the rest of the prayer there is an aformation on the prayer’s part of Our Heavenly Father’s omnipresent perfection and deep love for the one who is praying.  So the specifics of job, health and other needs don’t have to be spelled out, they are known by Him.  When we say “us” there is a knowledge of those who we would ask Him to intercede with besides me. 

So it is not that we should not pray other specific prayers for all prayers are a communication with Our Almighty Father and therefore important.  It is the gift which is given by Our Savior about the wonderfully simplistic, awesomely powerful example of how the Creator of the Universe desires to interact with His creation.